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The future is urban and we're here to feed it.

We see a future where your food supply travels across the street, not the ocean. Where greens are delivered fresh after travelling 10 km, not 10,000. Where you are the first person to touch your food after your farmer. From farm to table, from seed to store, never leaving the city limits.

Well, with GROWx, we’re taking a step in the right direction. As Amsterdam’s first vertical farm, we’re able to bring fresh, flawless produce straight to the heart of the city, bridging the unnecessary gap between supply and demand. Using renewable energy and circular packaging, we’re cleaning up the environment - one happy tummy at a time.

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CEO & Co-founderJohn Apesos

Winner of the Ideas Worth Doing Award, John promised a vertical farming revolution on the TEDx stage back in 2011. Spending his 20s as a travelling outdoor instructor, he’s seen the effects of climate change first hand - at the mercy of the glaciers, rainforests, mountains and shores of North and South America. John has since dedicated his time to clean technology startups, now turning his attention to urban agriculture.

John Apesos
COO & Co-founderJens

Co-founding the first vertical farm to run off renewable energy, it’s safe to say Jens knows his way around a technical challenge. From climate optimization to irrigation design, he’s an encyclopedia of engineering knowledge. When he’s not sailing in a nearby regatta, you’ll find Jens trying to cook up an insane Ferran Adrià dish and we’re always happy to be his guinea pigs (hint hint, Jens!)

GROWxOur team

GROWx team

Our team
Did you knowTeam Fact

90% of our staff cycle to work every day. That means we cover over 1,000 kilometers each year. 🚲

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