Here at GROWx, we’re on a mission to accelerate the development of sustainable urban agriculture. How? Well, we’ve started by creating the first vertical farm to be powered by green electricity - which doesn’t only look futuristic, but helps to future proof the way we supply cities with food.

Our unique growing style brings fresh, flawless produce straight to the heart of Amsterdam, bridging the unnecessary gap between supply and demand. But, we won’t stop there. We’re also using our green fingers, and even greener expertise, to provide other cities with GROWx farms and technology. 

Our greens

At GROWx, we’re advocates for clean food, meaning our selection of craft greens are always free from pesticides. Their natural goodness and wholesome taste has even earned them a spot on some of Amsterdam’s finest restaurant plates.

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Unique Growing Conditions

Our recipe for success combines LED lights, renewable energy, and circular packaging to create a growing environment that goes above and beyond, literally. Taking these steps not only ensures the freshest quality but it helps to pave the way for a cleaner, more sustainable way of living.

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Tailored to chef’s desires

We collaborate with top chefs to fill industry kitchens with fresh and sustainably-sourced flavor combinations. Let’s see what we can create together.

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Our Impact

no-hidden-extras-icon.svgNo pesticides

We produce clean, healthy, and wholesome greens with no pesticides or additives.

space-savvy-icon.svgSpace savvy

Our skyscraper farms use minimal surface area so we can make the most of every square meter.

water-on-repeat-icon.svgWater, on repeat

Circular and recycled water systems enable us to use 95% less water than your average field farm.

green-logistics-icon.svgGreen logistics

Ecological packaging and minimal transportation needs reduce our carbon footprint to a tiny toe print.

energy-savers-icon.svgEnergy savers

We’re the only vertical farm in the world to run off completely renewable energy - pretty neat, huh?

always-a-silver-lining-icon.svgAlways a silver lining

Our sustainably powered LED lights ensure every day is a Summer’s day on the GROWx farm.