More then 1 billion meals a year

Amsterdam requires a sustainable and local farm for it’s food supply. GROWx Amsterdam grows perfect greens in the middle of Amsterdam by means of high tech vertical farming.

Clean, ready to eat

Because we grow indoors in careful conditions, our plants are 100% clean from seed to harvest.

100% Nasty-free

We grow without pesticides, pollution, soil contamination, herbicides, manure or waiting in cold storage.

Traced & Tracked

With our unique numbering system, everything we produce can be tracked from seed to kitchen.


Our perfect greens will move the market beyond organic, with a new focus on fresh, flavour, nutrition and sustainability our produce outperforms organic on practically all aspects.

Clean energy

We use the latest LED lights to give our plants perfect sun year- round. We source our electricity from VANDEBRON which guarantees we use locally produced clean energy.

Circular packaging

Also, or even maybe especially, greens logistics can be done better. We distribute our products in gastronorm boxes that will be collected on the next delivery.

Recycled water

We use around 95-98% less water than an equivalent conventional farm. We have build a unique system to re-use our water constantly.

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